Plexus isn’t just for Women

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This 20-year-old guy’s mom had been taking Plexus for a while… listen to what he has to say about it changing his life. Watch Now

What Can Plexus Help With?

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How many things can Plexus help?? Acid Reflux (GERD)- Slim, probio5, biocleanse (TRIPLEX)Alopecia Areata- Triplex, XFactor PlusAnemia- XFactor PlusAnxiety/Depression- Triplex, VitalbiomeArthritis (all types)- Triplex, EaseAsthma- EaseAllergies- Triplex, Xfactor plusBarrett’s Esophagus- TriplexBlocks carbs/Sugar- BlockBrain Health- MegaXBreast(early detection)- Breast ChekCeliac Disease- Triplex, Xfactor plusChronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)- Triplex, Accelerator, EdgeColitis (all types) -Triplex, Xfactor plusCrohn’s Disease (IBD)Constipation- Triplex, Xfactor PlusDermatitis- TriplexDiabetes Type I & II- Triplex, BlockDiverticulitis- TriplexEczema- Triplex, Body CreamFibromyalgia- Triplex, Nerve , EaseGastritis- Triplex, Xfactor PlusGraves Disease- Triplex, Xfactor PlusGut health- Triplex, Vitalbiome, xfactorHair Loss- Xfactor plus, TriplexHashimoto’s- Triplex,...

Why Religion Won’t Faith my Depression Away

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Let me start off with a little explanation: I have faith. I love God. Don’t get me wrong. I have faith in my God and all He can do. I have faith He could absolutely take away all pains, sorrows, griefs, doubts, everything.   But being in a religious family and community, it’s hard to say that I have these mental illness issues because a lot of them will say something along the lines of “Have you prayed about it?” “If you have enough faith God will take it all away.” “God won’t give you anything you can’t handle.” These comments really hurt me sometimes and drive me crazy.   First off, how I pray and what I pray about is not a whole lot of your business, to be a little too frank. What I talk to you in private and in trust does not give you the right to judge how I have my faith in God and how I feel like I should approach things.   And also, if you know that I am a...

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

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As I have mentioned before, 2018 has seriously been a big failure. I’d love to just cut off 2018 now and skip right to 2019, but that’s just not how life works.   I made a remark previously that my really healthy grandmother was in the hospital. Well, even in just less than a month, she broke her hip, had a stroke in the hospital, and died.   I don’t mean to sound so blunt, but that’s how it was to us: blunt. It was so short and quick that we had nothing else to do but deal with it as it came and at times, nothing came. It was so frustrating that we didn’t have answers and “Why is this happening?” “Oh, that’s just something medical, but she’s fine and she’ll bounce back.” And the next day, going through the same thing because she didn’t bounce back sometimes.   Let me tell you something, I’m young. I’m in my early 20s and I’ve never really gone through a death before. I...

10 Reasons to get up this Morning

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Sometimes when you’re going through a really hard time or are depressed or anxious or are thinking too much or just seem to have the weight of the world on you, it’s extremely hard to wake up in the morning.   Sometimes you need the extra sleep because you have nightmares or insomnia or anything else that could be keeping you up. You might have a self-harm addiction and did it the night before and are just dreading to have to wake up and see what you have done to yourself or scared to show your skin.   You might have cried yourself to sleep, have bags under your eyes that go for miles, and you can just feel how puffy your eyes are even before looking at a mirror. You might be so down that you can’t stand to look in a mirror…or at people.   Maybe you could be feeling numb and don’t want to get up to face the day to have to fake the emotions or, heaven forbid, actually...