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10 Reasons to get up this Morning

I get it. I really do get it. Those are rough days. If you're reading this from the bed, I applaud you for finding this post somehow. If you're reading this from out of bed, I am so proud of you and so happy that you fought one of the many battles I know you have.

Why it’s okay to be “Selfish”

You see, I have a very bad problem with caring too much. A lot of people with depression do. I care too much about how others, even strangers, view me. I care too much about how the sun is too bright or the clouds are too gray or that the dinner I’m cooking for my husband might just a tad too plain for him. I even care too much about what my cat might think of me if she could talk and have an opinion of my weird quirks or the way I walk, for heaven’s sake.

Plexus isn’t just for Women

This 20-year-old guy's mom had been taking Plexus for a while... listen to what he has to say about it changing his life. Watch Now

What Can Plexus Help With?

How many things can Plexus help?? Acid Reflux (GERD)- Slim, probio5, biocleanse (TRIPLEX)Alopecia Areata- Triplex, XFactor PlusAnemia- XFactor PlusAnxiety/Depression- Triplex, VitalbiomeArthritis (all types)- Triplex, EaseAsthma- EaseAllergies- Triplex, Xfactor...

Why Religion Won’t Faith my Depression Away

Trust me, if I could just have God take everything away all at once, I would. And I know that He can. But that’s not exactly how it works. You see, in my faith, we believe that everything happens for a reason. There is a reason why I have depression. There is a reason that you have found this blog and are reading it. There is a reason why I might not have gone to a certain place because of a bad feeling. There are so many different reasons to have things happen to us as well. We can learn many lessons from just one incident or experience.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

At this point, you have a few options. Option A: You get back into the pool. You let yourself drown in this never-ending-sorrow pit and you suffocate more but it’s still filling up. Option B: You continue to try to shovel all of it back in, even though there’s no use in even trying, but that’s just what you do because maybe, maybe it’ll help. Option C: You stand back and do nothing.

Opening Up

But life isn’t like social media. I can’t just click the share button for my way to happiness. I can’t Tweet my sorrows and depression away. I can’t just scroll past the bad news because it’s life and I have to live that!

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